Dr. Anzeljc Visits The Dr. Bob Show To Explain Oculoplastic Surgery

Dr. Anzeljc was recently invited on to The Dr. Bob Show to discuss oculoplastic surgery. Dr. Bob Overholt opened the segment by acknowledging that it’s common to stress the importance of regular eye exams for detecting problems within the eye, like cataracts or to see if the back of the eye indicates general health problems such as high blood pressure.

“But what if there are problems on the outside of the eye?” Dr. Bob asked. Problems outside the eye might involve the orbit, the lid, blocked or excessive tearing, or a laceration. He noted that in those cases, special oculoplastic surgeries may be needed to relieve these issues.

Dr. Anzeljc is an oculoplastic surgeon who specializes in treating problems around, but not in, the eye. “Attention immediately goes to the eyes when we’re speaking to people, so functional and cosmetic changes can really be rewarding for patients,” Dr. Anzeljc said, adding that addressing them can really improve a person’s appearance as well as their function.

He explained to Dr. Bob that one of the most common problems he treats are droopy upper eyelids. “It’s common for droopy upper eyelids to affect vision to some degree,” Dr. Anzeljc said. If that’s the case, insurance will often pay for surgery to “lift” the heavy eyelid. He noted that usually right after surgery, patients report that they can see better. More light is able to come into the eye and peripheral vision is typically improved.

In the case of lower eyelids, they can sometimes turn outward or inward, which can be irritating to the eye. If a lower eyelid is turned outward away from the eye it can also lead to either drying out or excessive tearing pouring down the cheeks. There are precise surgical procedures to correct lower eyelids in these instances.

“What if someone is in a car accident and has a laceration around the eye, or an injury to the eyeball or eye socket, or cuts on eyelids?” Dr. Bob asked. Dr. Anzeljc explained that the eyeball must first be thoroughly examined, then the eyelids and the eye sockets. The eyelids are designed to protect our eyes, so it’s crucial that they are healthy. If there’s a cut, an oculoplastic surgeon will address how to restore proper operation of the eyelid, as well as restore or improve the patient’s appearance.

Dr. Bob and Dr. Anzeljc also discussed what can be done when tear ducts are blocked, either from aging or infection, and what procedures might be called for in the case of a fracture to the eye socket. Dr. Anzeljc explained that surgical procedures to repair any condition to the eye socket or area around the eyes are usually very effective with successful results for the patient.

“What I’m hearing you say,” Dr. Bob summarized near the end of the show, “is that the eye is so important and there are so many things that can go wrong, but they can all be fixed with the proper technique and training. It amazes me what you can do, it really does.”

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Dr. Andrew Anzeljc specializes in oculoplastic surgery, including eyelid surgery, as well as non-surgical procedures such as Botox and fillers to rejuvenate the face. If you have concerns about your upper or lower eyelids, have excessive tearing or blocked tear ducts, or have an injury around the eye, schedule a consultation with Dr. Anzeljc to discuss which treatment options might improve your vision as well as your appearance.

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