What To Do About Sore Or Swollen Eyelids

sore or swollen eyelidAt some point in their life, almost everyone will have experienced a sore or swollen eyelid. There are various causes of eyelid soreness or swelling, and while most causes are minor there are some that are potentially threatening to your vision.

Symptoms of sore or swollen eyelids range from mild to severe, and may be temporary or chronic. Depending on the cause, sore or swollen eyelids may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as:

  • Itchiness
  • Scaliness
  • Redness
  • Pain or tenderness
  • Difficulty blinking
  • Discharge
  • Facial swelling
  • Loss of lashes
  • Fever

Regardless of the symptoms, a sore or swollen lid should not be ignored and you should consult with an ophthalmologist for proper diagnosis. The most common causes of sore or swollen lids are allergies, conjunctivitis, contact lens use, and styes or chalazions.

Less common causes of sore or swollen eyelids include Graves disease, orbital cellulitis, and Herpes simplex. Graves disease is a thyroid condition that commonly causes swollen eyelids. Orbital cellulitis is a serious bacterial infection that requires immediate antibiotic treatments. And herpes simplex can cause painful sores on both the eyelid and cornea. All three conditions could cause vision loss if left untreated.

What To Do

If your eyelid is sore or swollen, avoid touching or rubbing it, and avoid wearing makeup and contact lenses. Cold compresses may temporarily alleviate symptoms, but since eyelid soreness or swelling can have different causes that require different care, it’s important to see an ophthalmologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The key is to not wait until symptoms worsen before seeking care. Baptist Eye Surgeons have emergency appointments open and can usually see you on the same day you call, with no referral needed. Based on the cause of your sore or swollen eyelid, one of our eye doctors will discuss treatment options, which may include oral and/or topical medications to help relieve soreness or swelling.

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