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We are always looking for the latest advancements in eye health and technology at Baptist Eye Surgeons. They allow us to provide better care to our patients and help them preserve and even improve their vision. Light Adjustable Lenses are exactly that, allowing our team of Knoxville ophthalmologists to provide improved vision after cataract surgery like never before.are light adjustable lenses worth it

Light Adjustable Lenses work like other artificial lenses used in cataract surgery. What makes them unique is their ability to be adjusted once your eye is healed. Treatment consists of at least two UV light sessions where we customize their strength to suit your needs. This is thanks to the light-sensitive components of these advanced lenses.

What are Light Adjustable Lenses?

Nearly every adult will develop cataracts as they get older. This can cause your vision to become cloudy and colors to appear dull which were once bright and vibrant. Cataracts can be treated without surgery up to a point with a stronger eyewear prescription, magnifying glasses, and brighter lights. In many cases, surgery may become necessary if symptoms worsen. 

The purpose of cataract surgery is to replace the cloudy natural lens of your eye with a clear, artificial one. Also known as intraocular lenses, artificial lenses restore the crystal-clear vision you had lost due to cataracts. However, not all artificial lenses are the same. Along with different types offering unique features, artificial lenses can be broken down into two distinct types.

The two distinct types of artificial lenses are:

  • Fixed lenses
  • Adjustable lenses

Artificial lenses work like eyeglasses and contact lenses with each having a specific prescription. The prescription of fixed lenses is determined before surgery while you still have cataracts. They also can’t be changed once the lens has been implanted. You will need to undergo further surgery to make any changes to the prescription and improve your vision.

On the other hand, adjustable lenses can be changed after cataract surgery and without requiring more procedures. Once your eyes have healed following your surgery, you can then start “test driving” your new artificial lens prescription. Light Adjustable Lenses gives you the opportunity to update your prescription up to five times to achieve your ideal vision.

Light Adjustable Lenses from RxSight signal a huge breakthrough in artificial lens technology. Although we have been able to tailor lenses to a patient’s specific needs in the past, we have never been able to provide this level of customization. Our Knoxville ophthalmologists are thrilled to be offering them to our patients and seeing how their lives are improved.

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What Can I Expect During Treatment?intraocular lenses

The lens replacement process works just like a standard cataract lens replacement. The real difference comes once the eye has healed and you begin your customization treatments. These consist of at least two sessions where the lens is exposed to UV light for around 90 seconds. These treatments change the shape and strength of the lens to achieve your desired vision.

You will need to wear special UV-blocking glasses whenever you’re awake during this time. This helps to protect your lens and ensure the best possible outcome for your vision. Your total amount of treatments will depend on the:

  • Level of customization you desire
  • Amount of light used during treatment
  • Your vision goals

You will finally be able to retire your UV-blocking glasses 24 hours after your final treatment. Once completed, you will be able to see clearly and confidently with your new Light Adjustable Lens.

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How Do They Work?

RxSight’s Light Adjustable Lenses allow us to adjust the prescription of an artificial lens using in-office light treatments. Once the lens has been implanted and the eye is healed, your ophthalmologist at Baptist Eye Surgeons can administer these light treatments to dial in a customized prescription. This results in the best possible prescription for needs and lifestyle.

This advanced lens is possible thanks to photochemistry and the ability to manipulate components inside the lens. Each one contains proprietary additives known as macromers. These silicone additives are photoreactive and have been distributed throughout the lens. This unique component is what allows your eye surgeon to customize the lens to your exact needs.

When a specific area of the lens is exposed to light, the macromers in that area attach to the ends of other macromers to form polymers. The macromers that are not affected by light spread (diffuse) into the unexposed areas of the lens. This results in a highly predictable change in the shape and strength of your new artificial lens, allowing you to see more clearly than before.

With this new technology, our Knoxville eye surgeons can perform spherical and cylindrical adjustments to the lens. This process can be repeated as long as the lens contains untreated macromers. They provide our team with three to five opportunities to adjust your new lens and dial in your ideal prescription after implantation.

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Like other lenses used in cataract surgery, Light Adjustable Lenses replace your clouded natural lens. What makes them unique from other types of lenses is their ability to be adjusted using UV light. They allow you to “test drive” them and have them adjusted as needed. This is thanks to their unique photosensitive components that change shape and strength when exposed to light.

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